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Artisto app for Android and iOS is a free photo & video editor app. There are several apps for editing photos and videos, so what’s special with this app? Well, the answer is simple, it is the best editing app of the present day with awesome ancient and vintage artwork filters. Let me brief out Artisto app, Artisto filters for Photos and Artisto effects for Photos and Videos.

Artisto App Download

Everyone has their own photo filter app for taking selfies or good looking photos and mine was Prisma before Artisto came along. The App allows you to edit photos from existing albums or you can edit by taking a photo instantly and the best thing about it is, you can do the same for Videos. Yes! with Artisto app download, you can edit existing videos or record a video and apply effects to it instantly.

Editing a photo or a video is not all, Artisto claims that its the first app ever to process videos through neural networks to generate stunning effects and visuals. There is a total of 23 Photo filters and 22 effects you can apply for both Photos and Videos. Though all photo filters can be used for Artisto live photos, the effects can be added only to an existing or effectively captured Image or Video. Below is the complete guide to taking a photo and adding Filters and applying Effects using Artisto App.

Download Artisto for Android

Download Artisto for Android

Artisto APK Download

APK is an Android package file that can be installed only on Android devices. Since the Artisto is available for Android, we can generate an APK file and make it available for users who face issues downloading Artisto from Google Play Store. Follow the link to know more about Artisto APK.

Artisto For PC Download

Though this is no official Artisto app available for PC, you can still install Artisto for PC using Android and iOS Emulators. Please follow the link to read the complete guide for installing Artisto for PC.

Applying Artisto Filters

There is a total of 23 Artisto filters available for users and few popular ones are, Make America Great Again, Alien cap, Beach Girl, Beard man, Halloween filters, Pirate, Pumpkin, Soldier hat, Alien face, Ghost face, Riddler/Joker, Ghost Busters and etc. Follow the below steps to learn more about applying Artisto Filters.

  • Download Artisto App from the respective app store and open the app.
  • When you open the app for the first time, you will be asked for permissions to access Camera, Albums, Microphone and Enabling notifications. I recommend you to allow access for the first 3 and the later is a choice of yours’.
  • Once the permissions are allowed, the app accesses the Camera and immediately goes into capturing mode. So, if you are to take a Selfie, use the front camera else go with the rear cam. Switching between front and rear cameras is possible with the help of a small “cam-switch” button presented above the upper right side of the control panel.
  • Just to make sure, you have three options Photo, Video, and Loop. For capturing photos, you need to be in the Photos section which turns yellow when accessed.
  • Now you are all set. If the scenery you want is displayed in the Cam Screen, then swipe the filters from the bottom one by one to see the live visuals. If you like something, click on the Capture button presented at the center of the control panel. That’s it! You did it 🙂

Applying Artisto Effects

Artisto Effects

There is a total of 22 Artisto effects, namely Fedro, Summer, Cinnamon, Beauty, #GazgolderLive, Bornholm, #goodday, Pencil Dream, myMail, Art Nouveau, Bright Life, Warm Chocolate, Cubes, Audrey, In The Fire, Graphite, Neural Art, Blue Dream, Rio 2016, Mosaic, All the filters can be applied to both photos and videos and the process is same. Follow the below step by step process to learn about applying filters.

Photo Effects

  • Open the Artisto App or launch the app and click on “Photo” option provided.
  • For Existing Photo: Choose a Photo from your albums/library by tapping the square button present on the left side of Capture button. But if you are to take a photo at the instance, then use the camera option provided by the App.
  • After picking your file, you will be asked for cropping the proper section of the image. Simply adjust the image and make sure to get the best portion into the frame and click NEXT.
  • You will now be redirected to the effects page where you can swipe and select an effect you like most and click on APPLY.
  • Give it 2-5 seconds and your Artisto photo will be ready. You can either save the photo or share it directly to social networks Instagram, Facebook, and ICQ. That’s it! You did it 🙂

Video Effects

  • Open the Artisto App or launch the app and click on the “Video” option provided.
  • For Existing Video: Click on the Square button present to the left of the Capture button and access your Albums to select a Video file.
  • After selecting the file, You will be asked to cut the video to a 10 Second clip. Choose the 10 Seconds you want and click NEXT.
  • You will be redirected to the effects page where you can swipe and select the effect you love most. and click on APPLY.
  • Give it up to 10 seconds to see the miracle. That’s it! You did it 🙂

Artisto App Features

Though it is only a Photo and Video editing app, it does have some addition features which you might want to know.

  1. Available in Free, Plus, and Paid versions.
  2. Artisto Free version enables Watermarks on photos and allows only 10-second video effects.
  3. Paid version, Artisto Pro removes the watermark and extends the video editing length to 30 seconds.
  4. Plus version, Artisto Plus does the same as Paid, version but only for 14 days from the date of purchase.
  5. There is a total of 23 Photo Filters and 22 Effects for both photos and videos.
  6. Use the tags and get featured on Effect Showcase.

Artisto App Information – Video & Photo Editor

App Name Artisto – Video & Photo Editor
Package Name com.smaper.artisto
Last Updated November 11, 2016
File Size Undefined
Required Android Android 4.2 and Up
Version 1.8.2
Developer My.Com B.V
Installs 1,000,000 – 5,000,000
Price Free
Category Entertainment
Artisto App Download Free – Android | iPhone, iPad, (iOS)
4.99 (99.8%) 504 votes

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